I have tried so many different professions in my life that I wouldn’t know how to introduce myself in a short and concise way.

I started from giving out pizza leaflets at the age of 12. Who knows, maybe that was the first sign that one day real Italy would cross my way.

The prophecy turned out to be true 7 years later, just after my high school graduation. I landed in Sicily, ready and excited to start my Au-pair experience. Having discovered this wonderful country, I couldn’t choose any other university course but the one which promised mastering the knowledge of Italian.

Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics: ticked-off!

Apart from that, I’ve been an occasional writer, traveler, interpreter, journalist, receptionist, translator, voice-over artist, cinema-lover, reviewer, and one could probably add a few more items to this list.

Although I am currently living in Brussels and working as audio-visual communication assistant in one of the European Institutions, my great passion for many of the above-mentioned activities remains the same (or is growing greater every day).

That’s the reason WHY this blog had to come to life.

I am happy you passed by and I truly hope you will find something that will make you come back very soon!


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