5 inspirational films I discovered last month

Do you recall watching a film that made you want to quit your current lifestyle, spread wings and conquer the world? I could bet that very few were left indifferent after  watching The Pursuit of Happiness or Forrest Gump.

The Pursuit of Happiness/scene from the film

Although some of my friends consider watching films as a waste of time, I openly and straight-forwardly disagree with them. Spending an evening in front of the screen doesn’t have to be for entertaining purposes only. Sometimes it can actually teach you more than a random book or an over-rated coaching lecture. Film industry has a lot of beautiful and instructive content out there – you simply may need to make some effort to find it. Do your research first and make the right choice!

Joy/scene from the film

Coming back to the post’s title! Autumn, season when many things re-start or take new curves, is a perfect time for inspirational film screening sessions (either with friends or alone, wrapped up in a warm blanket sipping red-fruit tea).

Let these 5 titles boost your afflatus!

1. The founder: the story of McDonald’s company and it’s founder(s).

2. Joy: the story of a woman (Jennifer Lawrence) who had great ideas for solving daily difficulties and despite numerous obstacles managed to transform them into a real business dynasty.

3. Miss Sloane: a tough and powerful woman (Jessica Chastain) behind the effective lobbying of powerful multinational companies.

4. Nightcrawler: fascinating story of a particular man (Jake Gyllenhaal) desperate to become successful at selling crime video coverage for tv news.

5. Good Will Hunting: beautiful story of a genius young man (Matt Damon) who is struggling to discover his real identity, until he meets his real soul mate (Robin Williams)… I don’t know why I’d never seen this film before (shame on me!).

Enjoy the film(s),

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