The secret of everlasting love

One of the most exciting things about travelling is to learn from people you meet on the way. They can look differently, wear surprising clothes, have darker skin or original beliefs, nonetheless it doesn’t make your communication more difficult or bizarre. On the contrary! You realise that this vast cultural gap between the both of you actually helps to connect and share various life experiences even more eagerly. You become sincere and listen with due respect, inspired to change something about yourself. Why haven’t I seen this point of view before? Why haven’t I tried such approach earlier? Suddenly your mind opens up and new ideas start coming in.

That is exactly what happened to me during my last trip to the Dominican Republic.

It was just a random weekend day spent at the swimming pool with some friends. Cocktails with rum, barbecue snacks and vivid latino music mixing with our bursts of laugh. Nothing really indicated that I would have one of these conversations that you cherish for years.

Well, the most inspiring meetings in life can never be planned.

A couple met in Punta Cana/©dariasdiaries

It was the landlord of the house with the same swimming pool we were kindly allowed to enjoy on that hot tropical day. A 97-year-old man, with atypical light green eyes and great amounts of energy. I saw him seated at a kitchen table, sharing a meal with his family. I could notice traditional Dominican foods being served: rice, beans, avocado slices and meat, fried and dipped in a greasy dark gravy. But what caught my attention most was the look in the man’s eyes. He couldn’t stop gazing and smiling at his wife. After 60 years of being together he kept expressing his love towards her, with both poetic words and small caring gestures. It was a truly beautiful and moving scene to watch.

An elderly couple met in Santo Domingo/©dariasdiaries

They might have lost the physical beauty and strength, but they have never lost the right mindset to stay by each other’s side until the end of time. However banal it might sound to you now!

The right mindset means: knowing what you really care about and what your real life priority is. It means scarifying your ego for the good of a bigger picture.  Being romantic in ordinary situations. Taking up initiatives and not taking your partner’s ones for granted. This elderly man, still saying poems and compliments to his wife, is the best proof that this simple recipe for an ever-lasting love can actually work! The secret lies in choosing the partner you feel connected with and never losing enthusiasm to nurture the relationship between the both of you.

Los Tres Ojos park, Dominican Republic/©dariasdiaries

Do you know similar stories of couples who have managed to reach the ‘’happily-ever-after’’ stage of life? Feel welcome to share in a comment below!

My very best,

31 thoughts on “The secret of everlasting love

  1. So good to see a picture of the happy couple who still remain so in love. True marriage takes continuous nurturing and attention to thrive. It’s the little caring moments that you shared between this couple that creates beautiful love stories. Thank you for sharing Daria. I appreciate you stopping by my blog and for your comment as well.


    1. Thank you for passing by Nikki. I agree that continuous nurturing is the key, and it’s not always easy! It takes good motivation, time and effort. But it’s definitely worth it. Have a great day dear and feel welcome to read my other posts anytime!

  2. Beautiful picture in a Bar-beach! How close is that building to the sea, and how did they build it. And sorry who are those images in the picture? please, don’t laugh, just answer. Do have a nice day.

    1. I am glad you like it! This is not really a beach-bar, it’s a simple wooden open ”cottage” to shelter from the Sun while on the beach. The images in the picture – which one are you referring to? :) Have a nice day and thank you for passing by!

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