A place where you can fly

This is not Hogwarts nor a virtual reality video, but can really make you feel like you are flying above the sky. Located on a mountain called Montaña Redonda in the north-east of the Dominican Republic, this spectacular panoramic summit is said to be the most photogenic place in the world. Once in the Caribbean, I couldn’t lose the chance to see and experience it myself.

The view from Montana Redonda/©dariasdiaries

But not only the hill turned out to be an attraction for me – in this part of the globe adventures usually begin already on the way. 

First, you can forget about Google maps unless you want them to guide you to a middle-of-nowhere gravel track occupied by horses and black pigs. Second, make sure you know Spanish well enough to ask a local person for right directions. Third, do not expect any signs to appear earlier than at the final destination. Last but not least, be prepared to perform creative steering wheel manoeuvres because various obstacles such as animal marching can suddenly cross your way.

After a two-hours ride on a highway, I eventually arrived to the magical venue (safe and sound) and realises that the most exciting part of the road trip was yet to come. A pick-up truck taxi driver quickly invited me to hop on the back of his car which started climbing up a bumpy, steep hill of the mountain. Roller coaster is really nothing compared to this route! A mixed feeling of fear, delight and astonishment soon appeared on my face. When we finally reached the top, my heart was beating as if it had just finished a marathon and my legs seemed made of cotton.

Luckily the hammocks helped contain my overall excitement. Well, at least until I sat in one of these amazing swings that fly you above the valleys and shorelines below the summit. This is undoubtedly one of the most incredible places I have seen. Is it as photogenic as they say? I will leave it up to you to decide!

On the swing/©dariasdiaries

Tips: take your own camera to save $75 (the cost of professional photographer on site). After the trip make sure you try some fresh local fruit sold at the parking below the hill. Coconut water may help cool you down (from both the heat and overwhelming excitement).

View from the summit/©dariasdiaries
View from Montana Redonda/©dariasdiaries

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    1. Hello dear! Thank you for your kind words! They mean a lot to me :) Feel welcome to pass by anytime. Also on Instagram, you can find me under @darias.diaries Have a great weekend. PS Your pictures are amazing, too!

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