Is becoming rich and famous really the answer?

The magic of words is when you read a randomly encountered quote and it suddenly turns your world upside down. A combination of letters holds a powerful meaning that drastically changes your mood, makes you smile or moves to tears. That happens to me once in a while and I believe I’m not the only one.

One of such quotes has recently caught my attention and its echo still bounces back and forth in my head:

Quote by Daria by Diaries

For many young people, especially at the very beginning of their career path, becoming rich and famous is the biggest dream and the strongest desire. Just as if gaining popularity and having loads of money guaranteed living in a fairy tale with happy-ending or finding solution to any existing problem.

Be it a fortune or a curse, not everything in life is for sale and that has been proven, interestingly enough, by no-one else but the rich and famous themselves.

Photo: Getty Images via

Exactly 55 years ago Marilyn Monroe, aged 36 and arguably the most gorgeous female of all times, decided to take her own life. A similar story happened 32 years later when Kurt Cobain, the leader of a legendary rock band Nirvana, died by shooting himself. Needless to mention Chester Bennington from Linking Park whose recent suicide took the whole world by surprise.

Many other well-known surnames could follow. It’s really hard to believe that someone that successful refused to enjoy all the things which come along with fame and high social status, isn’t it? Apparently ”in the end it doesn’t even matter”, apparently ”it’s not the answer”.

Jim Carrey has a point. Don’t lose too much energy on having. Focus on being instead.

2 thoughts on “Is becoming rich and famous really the answer?

  1. Great game of words in that final sentence! I liked a lot the way you used that Linkin Park song in a way that relates to the content you wrote about.

    Top work!

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