Coffee ice-cream: a five-minute recipe!

Summer in the city often means unbearable heat waves and no sea around. Can there be anything more refreshing and stimulating than a freshly prepared home-made coffee ice-cream?

I love this recipe for its simplicity. In the kitchen, just like in life, long and complex undertakings doesn’t always lead to great achievements. There’s nothing embarrassing in taking a shortcut from time to time!

Serve it with dark-chocolate sauce and almond petals/©dariasdiaries


Condensed milk – 175 g
Double cream – 300 ml
Instant coffee powder –  2 tablespoons
Coffee liqueur – 2 tablespoons

Coffee ice-cream/©dariasdiaries


Whisk all the ingredients together until the cream is smooth and airy, then transfer the mixture into a container (or a few smaller containers) and place in the freezer for a minimum of 6 hours – although, for the best result, I suggest letting it rest in cold for a whole night.

Tip: serve with dark-chocolate sauce and almond petals (possibly slightly toasted). You can also add a few sponge biscuits.


Coffee ice-cream served from a bigger container/©dariasdiaries

4 thoughts on “Coffee ice-cream: a five-minute recipe!

  1. My wife (Sue) has a deep passion for coffee ice cream. You don’t find it in many places. Sadly, we live on a boat and although we have a freezer, a boat freezer doesn’t get as cold as a normal house freezer and so ice cream isn’t possible. Your ice cream surely looks delicious!

    1. Wow, do you really live on a boat? That sound… different, and interesting! Have you got any picture? Where is your boat ”based”?

      Regarding the ice-cream, you could wait for very cold winter days (if you have any) and keep it outside. That works sometimes in my homeland, that is Poland :)

      Have a great day and thanks for having found time to drop your comment! Xx

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