Stop postponing, start doing

Here I am again, after numerous months of postponing.

Why did it take me so long?

Because of the same reasons that – I dare presume – stop most of you from moving forward with plans. Laziness hidden behind the necessity to take rest, busy agenda hidden behind the wrong organisation of time and, finally, the lack of ideas hidden by the fear of getting negative feedback.

Somehow I managed to overcome them all. Then, once I eventually decided to hire an online freelancer to help me out with setting the blog up, I got scammed. Surprisingly enough, it made me feel even more motivated than before.

TIP: recognise what motivates you best, then look for opportunities to face it.

That is nothing new that the only thing one really has to do, is… TO DO. Which in my case would simply mean to sit down, open a notebook or laptop and write a couple of words down. Words representing ideas which have been whirling in my head for far too long, desiring to be freed and shared.

What would that mean in your case?

Many of the people I know have been born with a desire to share what they personally find beautiful and inspiring, but very often they get themselves too busy with other everyday urgencies and only occasionally put randomly taken notes into a bedside’s drawer.

I’ve finally changed my bedside drawer for the World Wide Web. As simple as that.

Inspiring even one of you would be the best award I could ever receive. Hopefully having switched the content into English will help me achieve that even faster.

Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below.




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