Only tiramisù recipe you will ever need to learn

Tira + mi + sù

– it literally translates to “take me high” which could hold a double meaning. Nonetheless, it still has to do with the delicate ”puffy” texture of this typical Italian dessert that simply makes you feel like in heaven.

You can serve your tiramisù in small cups/©dariasdiaries

You can find plenty different recipes for tiramisù and the final result may also vary (some people for instance can’t resist drowning it in a sweet liquor – I wouldn’t recommend such a try).

This particular recipe comes from the mother of my Sicilian au-pair host family. It has never let me down and all of my regular guests truly love it. Despite being ridiculously easy in preparation, the difficulty lies in staying calm while dipping the sponge fingers in coffee (preferably brewed using moka).

Tip: If you’re looking for ways to fight anxiety and release bad energy, use manual tools instead of a mixer to beat eggs.


Eggs – 6
Suger – 6 tablespoons
Mascarpone cheese – 500g
Sponge fingers – approx. 300g
Espresso coffee – 250ml
Cacao powder – 3-4 full tablespoons
A pinch of salt

Sponge fingers/©dariasdiaries


Brew the coffee and let it cool. Separate egg whites from yolks (use rather big bowls for both). Add 6 full tablespoons of sugar to the egg yolks and whisk until smooth and creamy. Add mascarpone cheese and mix everything together until all the ingredients are well-blended.

In the other bowl, beat the egg whites (with a pinch of salt) and gently incorporate to the mascarpone cream (one big spoon at a time). Remember to stay calm and patient!

Coffee after brewing/©dariasdiaries

Prepare a deep dish and spread the cream at the bottom. Then, quickly dip the Italian ladyfingers in coffee and place on the cream layer. Repeat, then cover with another layer of CREAM and sprinkle with cocoa powder.

Keep covered in the FRIDGE for at least 6 hours before serving!

Cream ready/©dariasdiaries
First layer of sponge fingers dipped in coffee/©dariasdiaries
Second layer of mascarpone cream/©dariasdiaries
Sprinkling with cocoa powder/©dariasdiaries

Buon appetito!


2 thoughts on “Only tiramisù recipe you will ever need to learn

  1. Za każdym razem, kiedy czytam nowe notki, moja klawiatura na tym cierpi. Dostaję ślinotoku. Ale chyba o to chodzi. :) No i te zdjęcia są świetne!

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