Moka and soap don’t make a good couple

Moka, a small coffee machine you will probably come across in 99% of Italian households, is probably one of the easiest utensils to wash. All you need is… WATER! Actually, I should have put it the other way round: water is the only thing you should use to wash it.

No soap, harsh sponges, brushes and iron-like cleaning tools. Simply twist it to open, remove the COFFEE grounds and rinse it well. I personally prefer to keep water pretty warm, but it doesn’t really matter at this point.

That matters though, while preparing the coffee – most of the Italians I’ve met reckon that only cold water will allow for brewing a really tasty espresso-shot. Additionally to that, you should remember to keep the flame as small as possible. Patience is the KEY, they say. Well, I wonder why Italians tend to lose their temper so often – they should be well-trained brewing coffee up to 5 times a day!

One more important thing: don’t you ever consider putting your Italian moka into the dishwasher, or else it will lose its SHINE.

Enjoy your morning (Italian) coffee.


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