A few phrases that can save you in Italy

The high season is coming, which means better weather (at least for most European countries), open restaurant gardens and… even more cheap flights to Italy!

If you are planning a trip to Rome, Naples or Sicily but your knowledge of Italian is limited to “Ciao Bella”, then this post might be worth keeping at hand. Here are a few WORDS and phrases which can save you some troublesome misunderstandings!

Everyday expressions:

Buongiorno – good morning
(you might also hear buon pomeriggio in the afternoon or buonasera in the evening)

Arrivederci – goodbye
(even though the most popular ciao will work anytime during the day)

Come va? – how’s it going?
(possible answers:  bene – fine, male – not fine (improbable!) and così-così – so-so)

Grazie mille! – thank you very much!
(you can also choose between  molte grazie and grazie tante)

Per favore – please

Mi scusi – excuse me
(this is a formal form – use scusa while talking to a friend)

Dov’è? – where?
(e.g. while looking for a restroom: dov’è il bagno?)

Quanto costa? – how much is it?

Il conto – bill/check
(simply say il conto per favore and the bill will arrive soon)

L’acqua minerale – mineral water
(either naturale –still or frizzante – sparkling)

Also useful:

mangiare – to eat

ti amo – I love you

mi piace – I like it

mi dispiace – I am sorry

assaggia! – try it!

sono – I am

sono felice – I am happy

la casa – a house

l’aeroporto – the airport

il supermercato – supermarket

il bancomat – ATM

il vino (rosso/bianco) – wine (white/red)

la birra – beer

Last but not least:

si – yes

no – no

non lo so – I don’t know

In case, feel free to drop me a message – I’ll be glad to assist!

Buon viaggio! – enjoy your trip!

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